Moment of Transparency: These last two weeks have not been winning weeks for me. At all. Why you ask? I lost two events due to my lack of communication. Granted, I had a family emergency come up that rocked my world but that’s not the point. That’s my life and not my clients’ problem.

I asked God to show me my areas of “do better” and communication is very clearly at the top of the list. So I’m making adjustments to not be so much in the moment of whatever is happening in my life that I can’t do a quick call, text, or email to customers and clients to let them know what’s going on. Now, they don’t need to know my life story but they do need to know that just because life is happening to me, I haven’t forgotten about them.

That quote “I either win or I learn” is so true. And I’m now declaring that this is my season of winning AND learning. Winning ebbs and flows but learning should never stop. And as long as you’re learning and making necessary adjustments, you’ll always keep winning.

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