Does anyone remember the Style Network? (Yes, I’m dating myself lol!) Well, one of my absolute favorite shows on that network was Clean House with Niecy Nash and her Clean House Crew. I think it went off the air years ago, but I’ve been thinking about it lately because one of my main visions/goals for 2019 is to organize my house. Easy to say, VERY hard [for me] to do, especially with others in the house who may share my plan in theory but not in duty…

I can look around my house at everything that needs to be done and immediately get overwhelmed. And what do I do when I feel overwhelmed? Play on Pinterest of course! And Pinterest did not disappoint! I found an awesome site that I think may help me feel less overwhelmed and more productive on my organization journey. I joined Home Storage Solutions 101‘s 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge. Now I’m a little behind but since the challenge is ongoing, I’m going to start at Week 2: Kitchen cabinets and drawers and circle back to Week 1 when time permits.

Let’s see how this goes! I can actually hear Niecy Nash in my head telling me to “Get to gettin’!” Here’s to a more organized 2019!

**This is not an affiliate post – I just share good info anywhere I find it!

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