I’m super excited about my partnership with an awesome organization, Social Georgia! This non-profit organization is a conglomerate of small business owners, students, corporate employees, community leaders and other non-profits who are ready and willing to be change agents of non-profit fundraising. Their philosophy is “Together We Build.” Don’t you feel the sense of community already? (I told you, I’m super excited!)

On Sunday, November 1, we are kicking off our 12 Days of Kindness Challenge – 12 days, starting at noon each day at 12 different locations, with the final day being our inaugural day-long fundraising event at 200 Peachtree from 10am until 10pm.  I’m hoping you will take time out of your day to join us in spreading kindness around the Metro Atlanta area. If you can’t meet us at the designated location, just do the act in your neighborhood or community. It doesn’t matter where you are, the message still stands. Kindness matters. Pass it on…

For more information, please see the link: http://socialgeorgia.org/12-days-of-kindness/

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